Brockville Wood Products
Site Protocols – Covid-19 Virus

The following are health and safety procedures to be followed at this time by all BWP personnel and all trades, suppliers and vendors providing any and all services to BWP and its Customers. This Site Protocol is for your own protection, your fellow workers, your families, our customers and their families. They are vitally important and must be followed explicitly. Anyone refusing to follow these procedures will be immediately removed from this site.

PLEASE NOTE – These Protocols reflect the current situation and are subject to change as required.

  1. DO NOT enter the site if you are sick or showing any flu-like symptoms. Notify your manager immediately if you are ill.

  2. Follow proper procedures as outlined below and by health professionals for limiting the transmission of the virus.

  3. Notify BWP management IMMEDIATELY if you have come into contact with anyone you suspect is infected with the Covid-19 virus.

  4. Notify BWP management if you have traveled or intend to travel outside of Canada.

  5. Specific wash-up and bathroom areas will be designated as such and will be the ONLY locations used for these activities. DO NOT use other areas of the home other than designated areas.

  6. Living areas of the home which do not require access for construction purposes are strictly OFF LIMITS to all BWP employees, sub-trades, etc. These areas will be specifically labelled NO GO ZONES. Please notify the homeowners and/or BWP staff if you will need access to NO GO ZONES prior to entering.

  7. Traffic and access points will be limited to minimal numbers and paths. Access property by one door only if possible and follow one route in and out of the home if possible. The more segregated these areas from the Homeowners and their living spaces the better. Main renovation entrances will be labelled accordingly.

  8. If you have the capability, disinfect hands and put on latex gloves before entering homes.

  9. Upon entering the home, before beginning any work, IMMEDIATELY wash your hands at the designated areas.

  10. Wash your hands before and after using the bathroom.

  11. Wash your hands before and after eating.

  12. If you are eating on-site, bring bag lunches only. If you leave the site to purchase food, eat off-site, wash hands prior to re-entering the site.

  13. Designated times for wiping clean will at the end of each day. Examples include doorknobs, handrails, bathroom fixtures, light switches, hand tools you are using, any other common contact points.